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Connected GPS-Module

Outsmart the thief and stay connected with your Urban Arrow with the Urban Arrow Connected module. With its numerous features this build-in software safeguards against theft and keeps you connected to your bike.

US $399 incl. VAT

Connected GPS-Module

The Urban Arrow app

Connecting to the Urban Arrow app allows you to easily lock your bike, track the location of your bike and, in the event of theft, submit a report 24/7. Let’s get connected!

Assured of optimal protection

When combined with a Connected bike insurance, developed in collaboration with insurance companies in the Netherlands and Belgium, you gain additional functionalities including 24/7 roadside assistance, a bike hunter service, and discounts on insurance premiums. Connected Connected insurers are:

Insurance via dealer: 
ANWB/Unigarant (NL)
Kingpolis (NL)

Personal insurances (via app):
Laka (NL + BE + DE + DK + A)


The GPS module (worth €399,-) is now standard included within the Family Active Line Plus and Performance Essential, including one year of connectivity. For the other Urban Arrow Family and Shorty models (from model year 2019, except the Family Anniversary) the GPS-module can be retrofitted. The Urban Arrow Connected GPS-module includes 4 years of connectivity (data subscription) at no extra cost. After this period, connectivity is optionally renewable annually.

For more information, visit a dealer near you.

* Some features and services may vary by bike model and insurance company.