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More than 75,000 Urban Arrow bikes are in use around the world, in over 26 countries they have a whole community behind them. Over the past decade we have propelled electric cargo bikes out of a Dutch niche to a serious segment within the European market. Increasingly people and companies are switching to electric cargo bikes for their transport needs within the city. With that transition the cargo bike embodies a lifestyle, a conscious decision. We choose bikes over cars.

Always ahead

We drive change by riding a bike, every day, year round. Being outside, moving and staying in contact with our surroundings feels good and contributes to our health and wellbeing. Every time we choose to ride our bikes, we are making cleaner, quieter and more efficient cities. Now and in the future.

Smart Urban Mobility

We want cities to remain great places in which to live. That’s why we defined a brand-new transport category: Smart Urban Mobility. At the same time, we see how streets are becoming increasingly congested and we acknowledge the growing need to reduce noise and air pollution – quickly. By combining the carrying capacity of a car and the agility of an e-bike, we have created an entire fleet of vehicles to take all that’s dear to you from A to B – and beyond. Clean, safe, stylish, fast.

Journey over destination

Whether you own a business or run a family chances are that they both require you to move (a lot) and be mobile. Over the course of time you’ll make countless pick-ups and deliveries. Along the way you’ll discover places you would have never otherwise known the existence of. Riding your bike will enrich your bond with your loved ones and will get you intimate knowledge of the infrastructural fabric of the city you live and work in.

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