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Social media consent statement

social media consent statement 📸 #rideurbanarrow

At Urban Arrow, we build top-of- the-line electric cargo bikes. We were the first to do it, actually. Needless to say, we’re crazy about them. But there’s one thing that is even more important to us: the person riding that bike. Owners and riders like you. We are always very excited to see users sharing content with their Urban Arrow on socials through tags and hashtags. And as we love to inspire other (potential) rides with nice-looking content, we would love to share your photo or video on our marketing channels. We have contacted you through a comment on your photo or video and asked for your permission to use this content on our own channels. By responding to this comment with the hashtag #rideurbanarrow, you give us permission to use your content commercially and confirm the following:

  • That you are 18 years or older;
  • That you give Urban Arrow permission to use any photo or video with the tag #rideurbanarrow in their marketing and/or advertising, including (but not limited to) the website, newsletter and social channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter), until you withdraw your permission;

By agreeing to these terms, you declare: 

  • That you are the owner and copyright-holder of the content in which you have placed the tag #rideurbanarrow;
  • That you grant Urban Arrow a non-exclusive and unrestricted commercial right to display, reproduce and distribute the content through their marketing channels as described above;
  • That you waive any claims for royalties or other remuneration regarding your content or works derived from it.

You will receive:

  • Full credit for your photo. Your social media channel will be linked and/or your name will be mentioned;
  • Free publicity on Urban Arrow’s social media channels and/or website


Where possible, Urban Arrow always mentions your social media channel or name when posting content. However, it may happen that a mention of your name is forgotten or otherwise missed. Is your photo missing your name? Please let us know by sending a message via [email protected] or via a DM on our socials. Tell us where you found the content (please send the url of the page) and your profile name. We will take care of the mentioning as soon as possible. We look forward to sharing your photos and welcoming you to the Urban Arrow community!

Withdraw your consent

It is always possible to withdraw your consent. Please send us an email at [email protected] with the photo that you wish to remove from our channels. We will make sure the content will then disappear from our platform within 5 working days and will no longer appear or be visible on our marketing channels. If you do not agree to these terms and do not respond with #rideurbanarrow, we will not use your content. You do not have to take any action.