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Everything you need to know when buying your cargo bike

Choosing between different cargo bikes can sometimes be quite difficult. What should you actually pay attention to during your search for the perfect cargo bike, and how do you determine which bike is best suited for you and your family? We are happy to share some tips with you!

The Type of Cargo Bike

Long John versus Longtail cargo bikes

In the world of cargo bikes, we distinguish between two types: the Long Johns (load in front) and the Longtails (load at the back). The Long John has great maneuverability and stability. You also have your most precious possession in front of you. The Longtail, on the other hand, has other unique features: the cargo box is located behind the handlebars and offers more space for luggage and extra passengers. You can also park your bike effortlessly due to its compact design.

Two-wheeled or three-wheeled

In the Long John category, there is also the choice between a two-wheeled or a three-wheeled cargo bike. The biggest difference lies in maneuverability and stability, with the three-wheeled bike being more stable than the two-wheeled bike. However, in many countries, we are so used to cycling that a two-wheeled bike is by far the most popular type of cargo bike. The maneuverability of the bike is related to the turning circle and the ease of taking corners. The three-wheeled bike has a smaller turning circle in principle, but the two-wheeled bike turns more easily in corners because you can really  lean into the turn.

If you want to experience the difference between the various types of cargo bikes, the best thing to do is to take a test ride! Check our dealer locator to find a dealer near you.

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The Specifications of the Bike

When researching the perfect cargo bike for your family, there are also a number of technical specifications to consider. Examples include the positioning and drive of the motor, whether the bike is belt or chain-driven, and what your seating position on the bike is. Additionally, you can include options for the security and insurance of your bike when making the choice.

The motor and torque

On an electric cargo bike, you will find an electric motor. The more powerful the motor, the more support you get while cycling. The power of the motor is indicated by Nm. Because you have to pedal yourself on a cargo bike, the strength is shown in pedal support. The higher the number of Nm’s, the more powerful the support.

Belt- or chain-driven

You also have a choice between a belt-driven or chain-driven cargo bike. A chain drive has the advantage that it comes with a chain guard. So you can cycle carefree with a long summer dress or wide trousers! On the other hand, a belt drive has the advantage that it requires much less maintenance.

Riding position on the bike

Your ideal sitting position on the bike can also be something to keep in mind. With our Urban Arrow bikes, you sit upright, which has the advantage of a stable position. The cargo bikes where you lean more forward are the sporty e-cargo bikes. People often find this cargo bike pleasant because they like to pedal along and want a sporty ride.

Anti-theft protection

The security of your bike is, of course, an important part that you want to consider during your purchase. Many insurers require that your cargo bike has a GPS tracker and is also secured with a certified ART lock.