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How to keep your battery cool on hot summer days

Finally! The cold days are coming to an end. We are sure you cannot wait to take your Urban Arrow to go on endless summer adventures. The heat can however be tough on your e-bike’s battery. Therefore we would like to share tips and tricks on how you can make sure your Urban Arrow is ready to handle the heat!

The shadow is your best friend

Did you know that your battery loves a place in the shadows? A shady spot allows your battery to cool down and makes sure that it does not get damaged. Are all spots taken? No worries: you can easily disconnect the battery on your Urban Arrow and take it with you indoors. This brings us to our second piece of advice.

Take your precious battery with you

If you won’t be using your bike for an extended period of time we would recommend removing your battery. Especially during a heatwave it would be wise to take your battery indoors since heat could increase the internal temperature of the battery, which results in a shortened battery life.

Boost your battery, ride longer!

When the temperatures are on the rise, make sure to not drain the battery completely. Even if you’ve only traveled a short distance, make sure to recharge the battery when you’re not using the bike to extend its life.

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Slow down and save power!

Last but not least: on extremely warm days, we all need to slow down, even your battery.  Avoid riding too fast in extreme temperatures to reduce strain on the battery. Choose for a moderate speed to prevent overheating and prolong battery life.