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Tips & tricks for test riding a cargo bike

A cargo bike isn’t something you buy every day, but you will use it all the time. Therefore, it’s a good idea to take a test ride first. Prior to going on a test ride, you can already start to consider which model might be best suited to you and your family. Below we will provide you with some pointers and things for you to pay attention to during your test ride, so you can make the best possible decision.

Everyday use

How do you plan to use the cargo bike? Will you be traveling long distances, or do you plan to stick closer to home? How many people and what type of items do you plan to take with you? Perhaps your children, groceries, pets, or even a romantic date. It’s all possible, as long as you drive safely and do not exceed the maximum 125-kg weight capacity in the cargo box. By mapping out how you wish to use the bike on a regular basis, you will be able to determine what is really important to you.

All set?

Okay, now you’re all set. It’s time to start your test ride on a cargo bike. As with any bike, it is important that it feels familiar. Sometimes it takes some getting used to, but that’s normal. In any case, make sure that you are sitting properly and can reach the ground with your feet. When you take children with you, you must secure them safely with the three-point belt. Make sure you are sitting in a comfortable position and off you go!

Step in!

During the first lap you will notice that the brakes on a cargo bike are more robust than those on a regular bike. A smart idea is to try it out first, to familiarise yourself a little with the brakes. Play around with the gears to get an idea of how they operate so you feel comfortable. A cargo bike with an electric motor has several types of settings (eco/tour/sport/turbo). Try them all to see how it works. Of course, it is important that your passengers also feel comfortable.

Did you enjoy the test ride? Resting a cargo bike on its dual-prong kickstand also works slightly differently than you are used to, so practice with this as well. To set the kickstand, step hard on one of the stand prongs and pull the bike handlebars and bike back firmly toward you until both prong feet are flat on the ground and the front wheel is lifted off the ground. To get rolling again, simply lift the saddle slightly and roll the bike forward. The kickstand will lift up and out of the way.

Schedule your test ride

On our website you can find information about the different types of cargo bikes available. Here you can discover all the accessories that can make your ride even more comfortable. Are you ready to take a test ride? Then check our dealer locator for a dealer near you and make an appointment.