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We’ve got stories to tell

There are literally tens of thousands of stories to tell when it comes to our bikes. No wonder, because the people and businesses that use them are a diverse bunch from all over the world. Here you’ll find a selection of their stories. Some can be read, others can be heard, watched or followed.

Urban Arrow fun with daycare
17 July 2024 | News

Why I got an Urban Arrow as my first cargo bike

We are thrilled to introduce Maddy, known as Cargobikemomma on Instagram, and her incredible journey with cargo bikes in this latest video in collaboration with Propel Bikes in New York City. From…
12 June 2024 | News

Everything you need to know when buying your cargo bike

Choosing between different cargo bikes can sometimes be quite difficult. What should you actually pay attention to during your search for the perfect cargo bike, and how do you determine which bike is best suited for you and your family? We are happy to share some tips with you!
24 May 2024 | News

Embracing the Urban Arrow Family Cargo Bike in NYC

A story by Madeleine Novich aka Cargobikemomma. As a full-time working mom of three living in New York City, managing the daily whirlwind of activities can be a formidable challenge. From school…
22 May 2024 | News

How to keep your battery cool on hot summer days

Finally! The cold days are coming to an end. We are sure you cannot wait to take your Urban Arrow to go on endless summer adventures. The heat can however be tough…
07 May 2024 | News

Tips & tricks for test riding a cargo bike

A cargo bike isn’t something you buy every day, but you will use it all the time. Therefore, it’s a good idea to take a test ride first. Prior to going on…
07 June 2023 | News

Our top 4 accessories for your Urban Arrow

Space for extra passengers, keep dry from the rain and never lose sight of your cargo bike again. These top-4 essential accessories complete your Urban Arrow Family electric cargo bike experience, allowing…