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Get this: there are over 90.000 Urban Arrow bikes in use across 26 countries. Quite the fleet. It’s both humbling and promising. Because over the past decade, we worked tirelessly to propel the electric cargo bike out of a Dutch niche to a serious alternative mode of transport. More people are falling in love with it. More companies are embracing it. We’re not just selling a bike, we’re selling a growing sentiment: bikes over cars.

Urban Arrow - Become a dealer

The dealership

Since the early days of the company we have always relied on a carefully selected international network of modern, skilled and motivated bike dealers. Experts that believe in our products as much as we do. We invest in building solid, long term, reciprocal relationships with our dealers. Why? Because we believe that that is the only way to sustainably do business and to ensure that the value that we believe is present within our products, is properly translated to the customer. Today the Urban Arrow dealer network consists of over 750 dealers in 26 countries.

Do you believe in Urban Arrow too? Then join us by becoming an official dealer.

Join our family

By choosing to work with us and our cargo bikes, you may become part of an increasing family of dealers that are all fully awake and seeing the amazing potential that our electric cargo bike brings to the table. It is not only mothers and fathers but increasingly leissurely urban cyclists and businesses that are waking up to the benefits of Urban Arrow and finding their way to the bike stores. The urban mobility landscape is changing and by joining our family you’ll find yourselves in the midst of the cargobike movement and aligned with its leading manufacturer.

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