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Family FAQ’s

On this page you will find maintenance tips, FAQ’s and other documentation about the Urban Arrow Family.

Frequently asked questions about the Family


How many children can I Carry in the box?

The Family comes with a pre-installed rear bench that has belts and space for two children. You can expand the number of passenger seats to three or even four using various accessories. The Extra Bench can be mounted in the front of the box for a third seat. And a fourth seat could be installed on the Rear Carrier Essential.

What is the maximum load I can transport in the front?

The Urban Arrow Family has a max front load capacity of 125kg. The maximum total weight (bike + rider + load) that is allowed for the Family is 250kg. The bike itself weighs 51kg. Add to that your own weight and you’ll be able to determine how much weight you can bring on the bike.

What are the differences between the various motor set-ups?

The Family comes in five varieties and these are loosely based on the motor type. Each motor type has its own torque specifications (ranging from 50 – 85Nm). Other specifications change according to your choice of motor type. Components to look for are: Battery Type, Display Type, Brake Type, Drivetrain, Headlight and Gear hub.

What is the range of my Family on a fully charged battery?

This depends a lot on the riding conditions. Conditions like which motor support setting you use, the terrain and weather conditions in which you ride and how much you are transporting. In general we believe you ought to be able to squeeze out an average range of 50km per battery charge.

How can I best prevent theft of my Urban Arrow Family?

When parking somewhere always take the battery and display with you (if you have anything other than a Purion display). This will make your bike a less attractive target for would-be-thieves. Also make sure you lock your bike with a long and certified chain lock. Thread the lock through both the frame and the rear wheel and connect it to a large immovable object (i.e. lamppost or special bike parking racks). We always advise you to take out insurance for your bike because they are highly sought after.

Service / recall announcements

Change red straps for black ones on the Urban Arrow Family

Are you in possession of an Urban Arrow Family with red straps? If so, we kindly request that you make an appointment with your dealer to have these replaced with black straps. We have discovered that, after years of exposure to UV radiation, some red straps can become brittle and therefore no longer sturdy enough to do what they are intended for. The dealer will replace your red straps with the new and better black ones free of charge.


There is something wrong with my bike or accessory, what are your warranty procedures?

Oh no! We don’t want you to experience any inconvenience with one of our products. The dealer where you bought your Urban Arrow is your first and best point of contact in this case. The dealer is aware of all warranty periods and procedures employed by Urban Arrow and other parts manufacturers. In most cases the dealer can assess whether or not a defect falls under the warranty. Should you and your dealer not be able to work it out, you can always contact Urban Arrow.

I have ordered my Urban Arrow, when will my bike be delivered?

It can sometimes happen that the bike you ordered has a longer delivery time than desired. To get more information about the delivery time we advise you to contact the Urban Arrow dealer where you bought your bike. They can keep you up to date with the latest information.

Where can I buy an Urban Arrow?

You can test ride and order an Urban Arrow at one of our 800 dealers


My brakes squeak and/or my brake pads wear out very quickly, what can be done about this?

It is important to have your brakes checked at least once a year. Rollerbrakes are low maintenance but should be greased periodically. Disc brake pads wear out and should be replaced in a timely manner. Brake pads last about 2,000 kilometers. However, the degree of brake pad wear is highly dependent on the terrain you ride on, your braking behavior and how much mass the brakes need to bring to a halt. When a disc brake squeaks you can first clean the disc yourself with brake cleaner and a clean cloth, do this regularly. If this does not solve the squeaking, the dealer can install new brake pads. New brake pads should always be broken in properly. So always ask your dealer if they have done this when they replace your pads. Breaking in can also be done yourself. This is done by accelerating to maximum speed and braking (hard) to a complete stop. Repeat this 20 times in a row for new pads, then you have properly broken in the pads.

How do I use the saddle safely?

The saddle consists of several components. First, it is important that you only use a seat post specified by Urban Arrow on an Urban Arrow. We have tested these for durability and safety requirements. Parts that attach the saddle to the seat post can break under special circumstances. You can prevent this by not extending the seat post higher than specified on the seat post itself. For loads over 125 kg we recommend using a reinforced and suspended seat post such as the Cane Creek Thudbuster ST 31.6 x 375mm.

I feel some kind of vibration in my handlebar at certain speeds, is it harmful and how do I get rid of this?

This vibration, also known as speed wobble, is not harmful. If your bike has a speed wobble, it may have several causes. The Urban Arrow dealer can solve this for you. Make an appointment with your dealer and until then, ride your bike carefully!

There are different parts on my Urban Arrow than those specified on the spec sheet, how did that happen?

During the covid pandemic, there was a huge spike in demand for bicycle parts worldwide. This meant that some parts were sometimes not available for months at a time. In such cases, Urban Arrow always sought an alternative of similar or higher quality. As a result, you may sometimes find that there are other parts on your bike than the ones that were announced on the specification sheet.

Do you also have a suspension fork on Family models?

There are currently no Urban Arrow Family or Shorty bikes that feature a suspension fork. 

Urban Arrow app

The Urban Arrow app doesn’t seem to work with my bike, what’s going on?

The app you downloaded is part of a new Urban Arrow product; Urban Arrow Connected. This Urban Arrow app only works in combination with a Connected GPS+ module which can be installed as an accessory in your bike by the Urban Arrow dealer. Urban Arrow Connected is currently still in a test phase at a limited number of Dutch dealers. We expect Urban Arrow Connected to be available at all Dutch Urban Arrow dealers in the course of 2023. So if you don’t have a Connected GPS+ module you can’t yet use the Urban Arrow app. If you do have a Connected GPS+ module and cannot connect to your bike, please check here.

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