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Business bikes

The right cargo bike for every situation

Whatever moves your business, we can move your business forward. Our electric cargo bikes are known for their reliability, durability and riding comfort. Zero-emmissions? We’ve got you covered.


The inner-city revolution of business transport

Urban Arrow cargo bikes are not just the most environmentally friendly way of getting your cargo from A to B in the city. It’s a ride of unrivaled quality, reliable for over decade and with the best total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) in the market. Battle tested daily by hundreds of SME’s, businesses and organisations across the globe. Efficient, cost-effective and fast.

Are you prepared?

For expanding ULEZ or zero-emission zones as they get introduced in Dutch cities from 1 January 2025 onwards? Don’t get caught up in massive logistical challenges. Start cycling today and get yourself a head start by receiving a box free of charge (worth up to €1699). Conditions apply.

Choose cost savings, effortless parking, shorter routes and zip through the city.

Urban Arrow DHL bike

Beat vans and save costs

Save up to 60% on the last mile

Our cargo bikes can carry up to 300 kg whilst having just a fraction of the size and footprint of an (electric) van. Electric cargo bikes can access ultra low emission zones and take shorter routes, enabling faster drop-offs. And anyone can ride a bike. When time is of the essence the cargo bike has your business covered.

Complete your fleet

Whether it is one or multiple bikes

The electric cargo bike is the perfect addition to your fleet. Optimal for quick services, deliveries of small packages and flawless flexibility. The electric transport bike can be combined with other modes of transportation such as electric vans and light electric freight vehicles (LEFVs) for intricate delivery networks.

Foodlogica rides Urban Arrow

Pedal your brand forward

Build your brand and grow your business

Bike your brand awareness upwards. Expand your brand while your riders happily deliver products to your customers. Wrap your box with company messaging and put a smile on peoples faces while you ace your delivery game.

Oxwash rides Urban Arrow
Freddies Flowers Urban Arrow

Less is more

Act smart and ride efficient

Electric cargo bikes use up to 16 times less energy than an electric van. They have up to 20% shorter downtown routes and are able to make 33% more stops per hour for small and medium deliveries. Start cycling.

Considering cargo bikes?

Download our brochure and discover the possibilities for your business or organisation.

Business bikes brochure front