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Cargo bikes for businesses

The Urban Transport Revolution.

The electric cargo bike is the fastest and most environmentally friendly way of transporting goods in cities. Urban Arrow cargo bikes are known for their quality and reliability for over a decade and used daily by a variety of businesses and organizations.

60% faster on the last mile

Skip traffic jams and save on (parking) costs.

Our cargo bikes can carry up to 300 kg whilst having just a fraction of the size and footprint of an (electric) van. Cargo bikes take shorter routes, enabling faster drop-offs and crunching operational costs compared to vans. When time is of the essence the cargo bike has your business covered.

Cargo bikes compared to vans

More Energy efficient per km
More delivery drop-offs per hour

A proven business solution

Cargo bikes are increasingly adopted for a surprisingly large variety of use cases. The solution is proven. If your business is operating in cities, cargo bikes can bring your operations to the next level. Whether you are considering a single bike or a fleet, the Urban Arrow has the best total-cost-of-ownership in the market.

Post & Parcel

Move your post & parcel from a hub or your store to your customers. Maximize your brand exposure, while you deliver fast and create happy customers.

Field & Facility Services

Service buildings, installations and vehicles. Reach locations fast and flexible while your deliver premium maintenance, service or troubleshooting.

Food & Provisions

Deliver your products directly to customers from your restaurant, supermarket or specialty store. Build your customer relationships and deliver with the electric cargo bike.

Medical & Personal Services

Provide a better service by utilizing the speed and efficiency of the electric cargo bike. Visit patients at home, carry specialist equipment or distribute medicine

There are a lot of advantages to riding an Urban Arrow. And the Arrow is definitely better than a delivery van.

Asaiah – Absolutely Couriers

The essential mindshift

At Urban Arrow we see the world is changing and believe cycling logistics will be a fundamental part of the future. With net-zero on both business and government agendas, change is happening fast.

Cities are establishing ultra-low and zero-emission-zones. Local governments are reprioritizing their infrastructure to serve people instead of cars and vans. Cargo bikes are therefore proven to be the best solution for urban logistics.

People powered, business driven.

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