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Family Anniversary

Family Anniversary

Now with cargo front fork suspension*

Suspension fork Urban Arrow Family

Now with cargo suspension front fork

When Urban Arrow celebrated a decade of its cargo bikes, the Urban Arrow Family Anniversary was introduced. Its eye-catching colour, the non-painted brushed aluminium frame and black details make it a pleasure to ride yet to see. And it’s almost a crime not to mention some of its unique features, such as the automatic enviolo gear shifting, black spokes, Supernova lighting (including brake light!), BROOKS handgrips and BROOKS saddle with suspension saddle post. An ode to our icon, for you to enjoy.

With the Urban Arrow Family Anniversary, every journey becomes an effortless adventure. Designed for those who demand the best of the best, this bike sets a new standard for cargo biking excellence. Whether you’re transporting precious cargo or simply exploring your urban landscape, this bike elevates your riding experience to new heights. And now, for the very first time, a major addition is made to make this unique bike even more unique. We’re introducing the cargo suspension front fork on our Family Anniversary model!

A ride like no other

Specially designed by Urban Arrow to meet the requirements of heavy-duty cargo biking with superior shock and vibration absorption. The robust construction makes every ride smoother and more controlled yet enhances comfort and safety. Even on rough brick-paved roads or with heavy loads. And with its adjustable settings, you can easily switch the suspension strength to fit your (precious) cargo, environment and riding style.

Built with premium materials to withstand the demands of heavy-duty cargo biking and to provide long-lasting performance, less maintenance and better serviceability than other forks, also in real world situations like parking outside and riding in winter conditions. Get ready for a ride like no other – smooth, stylish, and built to last. It’s time to celebrate every journey, one pedal stroke at a time. 

*The cargo front fork suspension is only available in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany

It’s all in the details


Brushed Aluminium


Bosch Cargo Line


PowerPack 500

Suspension (Optional)

cargo front fork suspension


Bosch NYON

Gear System

Enviolo Heavy Duty Automatic

Drive Train

Gates Carbon Belt Drive


Magura CMe + Break Light

Saddle & Grips

Brooks & Cambium




Big Ben Plus


274 X 70 X 110CM

Max. Speed


Bike Weight


Max. Weight Rider


Max. Combined Weight