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An Urban Arrow cargo bike: Lease or buy?

Indispensable to many young parents these days: Urban Arrow electric cargo bikes. The ideal and safe way to transport young children. You feel it as soon as you step on the bike. If you already have kids or you’re expecting children, and you’re considering buying or leasing an Urban Arrow Family, but you still don’t know what exactly the differences are? Below we give you all the info you need!

The differences between leasing and buying

Leasing an Urban Arrow Family electric cargo bike is (most of the time) arranged via your employer. The monthly amount is then deducted from your salary. By the way, an Urban Arrow Family can also be leased if you are an independent business owner.

As with cars, you can lease or buy bikes. The difference lies in the financial transaction and ownership of the cargo bike. When you buy an Urban Arrow Family from the dealer you are 100% owner. You can enjoy it right away and the bike is all yours. All you have to do is arrange insurance or activate Connected.

The benefits of leasing or buying

Leasing or buying an Urban Arrow Family cargo bike both has its advantages, but the most important thing is always the same: whether you want to lease or buy, with an Urban Arrow Family cargo bike you get a stable, comfortable riding experience and the best components, such as the reliable Bosch motor.

The advantages of buying

  • The bike is 100% yours
  • Customise your bike (by adding accessories)
  • You can resell the cargo bike at a later date (when your children are able to cycle longer distances themselves)

The advantages of leasing

  • Easy to arrange through your employer
  • A fixed monthly amount (automatically deducted from your salary)
  • Maintenance is included in the lease contract
  • Always the latest Urban Arrow Family cargo bike
  • A great purchase option after the contract period has ended
  • Fully insured and equipped with a built-in GPS module