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Catch the green wave and move in style🍃

A trend that you couldn’t have missed: our transportation modes are turning green! This trend goes beyond choosing eco-friendly options like electric cars or bikes; but it’s really the colour green that has become more visible on the streets. Green symbolizes an eco-friendly way of living, just like riding an Urban Arrow cargo bike does. That is exactly why we are excited to share with you our new Urban Arrow Family Green. Discover the story behind our new Family member and why green is the way to go!

Why the colour green?

The colour green reminds us of the beauty of nature and is linked to a mindful yet sustainable lifestyle. Did you know that the colour green has a positive impact on our feelings? Green is known for evoking calmness, freshness and harmony. And let’s be honest, in our daily busy lives this is more than welcome! Not surprisingly, the colour green is here to stay and is increasingly being seen as the colour of the future; in line with our movement towards a more sustainable lifestyle. More and more electric car and bike brands are therefore choosing to add this colour to their product portfolio, resulting in a green wave throughout the city. 

When you are looking for a statement piece; green is the way to go. A green bike makes you stand out from the crowd. Whether you are bringing your kids to school, heading to work or meeting a friend for a coffee, with our green cargo bike you always do it in style!

The Urban Arrow Family Green

Our Urban Arrow Family green is more than just its looks. The bike has all the great features you’re used to and even more. To make your riding experience even better, the bike is equipped with our Enviolo AutomatiQ system*. Offering you a seamless riding experience wherever you will go! The Urban Arrow Family Green is now available on our Family Active Line, Performance Essential and Perfomance Plus bikes.

* Enviolo AutomatiQ is only available for the Urban Arrow Family Performance Plus and can’t be retrofitted.

Are you ready to make the streets a little bit greener? Check our dealer locator for a dealer nearby.