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Creating a new cargo bike box

At Eurobike ‘22 in Frankfurt we launched our new Post & Parcel 800 box. Needless to say, we were – and still are – buzzing about the functionality and design of the box. It has been a pleasure to create the box and to see the first customers order the box. Let us first tag you along in the background of the project – or schedule a test-ride directly.

Urban Arrow Tender Post & Parcel 800

The background of the Post & Parcel 800 project

The Post & Parcel 800 project was initiated after careful listening to our customers’ feedback on our current range of boxes. We learned that some bikes and boxes – for example the Urban Arrow Cargo L with aluminum box or the Cargo XL with flightcase – are a great success at companies like Coolblue and DHL. Also we learned that the Post & Parcel 1300 box was experienced as just a tad too voluminous and at times slightly too large for specific use cases. This was the main reason we decided to start the Post & Parcel 800 project. 

Size matters.

Listing requirements 

All new product developments start with listing requirements and writing a design and development briefing. At Urban Arrow Bradford Vidal (B2B D&D Lead) and Richard Busscher (Product Manager B2B) wrote down the requirements in close consultation with the sales team. The requirements can be summed up as follows: 

  1. Improved rider visibility 
  2. The new box design should fit on a Urban Arrow Tender 1000 frame
  3. Fast and easy opening. This fits the use case of our customers that operate in the space of frequent and daily deliveries.
  4. Little to no compromise on volume. The box should transport 8 standard Eurocrates.   
  5. The new box should last a lifetime influencing material and durability choices.
  6. The new box should adhere to the Urban Arrow design guide.
Tender Post and Parcel 800 design sketch

The design process 

Design a new box requires creativity and thinking outside of the box. Frank ten Hengel, one of our Design Engineers, started sketching how the Post & Parcel 800 could possibly look like. After finalizing the sketches on paper we used Solidworks to create engineering drawings. 

Tender Post and Parcel 800 proto renders

Yes – it all starts with sketches on paper.

Prototyping and development

After creating the digital designs, a first physical prototype was created in close partnership with a potential supplier. We used the prototype for tests that enabled us to learn and identified points for improvement which have been implemented in the final design. 

Tender Post and Parcel 800 render with Eurocrates

After an iteration round and more testing we are now confident that the Tender Post & Parcel 800 is ready to hit the streets. 

Our partnership with Aluminized

Aluminized (part of SAG Alutech) is an aluminum processing company based in Katwijk with a long history of building aluminum products that stand for the highest quality standards, sustainability and innovation. We are excited to be working closely with their production teams so information can flow fast and freely. The short geographical distance between Katwijk and our Urban Arrow head office in Amsterdam really helps. 

Launch at Eurobike

At Eurobike in Frankfurt earlier this year we launched the Tender Post & Parcel 800. We were excited to show the world what we had been working on. Interest was shown directly from a group of pioneering companies. As we are starting production we are opening up test-rides for the Tender Post & Parcel 800 at our office in Amsterdam – and you’re invited.

Schedule a test-ride 

The all-new Tender Post & Parcel 800 is available for test-rides. Does the new design captivate you? Do you want to take the bike for a short spin? You are most welcome to visit our Amsterdam office to experience the Tender Post & Parcel 800 yourself. Schedule test-ride today and we will prepare both the bike and fresh coffee for you.