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Pizza, pasta and salads: L’Osteria in Oldenburg delivers them with an Urban Arrow Shorty – two, in fact. The residents of Oldenburg see the two strikingly stickered bikes zigzagging through the streets every day, travelling from house to house to deliver delicious hot meals. Gilbert Sinram, owner of the well-known Oldenburg restaurant, explains his choice of the Shorty: “It’s an environmentally friendly way to deliver our meals to our guests more quickly. The Shortys also stand out on the street, and the bike offers lots of space for displaying marketing messages. That means we are constantly visible for our guests.” Tthe electric cargo bike allows L’Ostreria’s delivery riders to get through the traffic a lot more easily, so that they reach the desired location faster than using an ordinary bike or moped, for example. Take a look here at how the L’Osteria Shortys deliver hot meals to customers in Oldenburg..

l’Osteria | Gilbert Sinram | Owner & Manager | Oldenburg, DE | | Urban Arrow Shorty

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