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Tring Tring

“Tring Tring, can I get past please?” You may find a friendly rider from the Tring Tring delivery company shouting this at you in Amsterdam, Haarlem or Utrecht. Tring Tring operates a large number of electric cargo bikes with a chilled box in these cities. Not vans, because they’re not environmentally-friendly. “Cities are for living in, and not as a throughroute for hundreds of diesel vans,” is the firm view of Roel Mos, owner of Tring Tring.

Cities are for living in

“So we transport our products on electric cargo bikes. It is thereby often desirable that they are transported chilled. A few years ago that was not yet possible on a cargo bike, so we worked with Urban Arrow to develop a chilled box. Now we can deliver an optimum service to our customers. By using the bikes, delicate products such as flowers are only in transit for a short period and reach the recipient in optimum condition. And the transportation is also entirely sustainable.” Take a look here at the sustainable story of bike delivery business Tring Tring.