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Electrify your business

Riding an electric cargo bike is the best way to carry your business into densely populated urban areas. Over time you’ll make countless pick-ups and deliveries and along the way you’ll discover places you would have never otherwise known the existence of. Cycling through the narrow streets and alleyways you’ll enrich your bond with the infrastructural fabric of the city you live and work in.

Last Mile perfection

Cargo bikes can penetrate areas unaccessible to traditional delivery vehicles. No street too narrow, no turn too tight. And, given that the average load carried in a delivery van is merely 150kg, it is just more efficient to encase those tiny amounts of cargo in light and fast electric cargo bikes that take up a fraction of the road space, are less resource intensive to produce and overall the more environmentally sound choice. Especially in high density urban areas where space is limited and time is of the essence.


Cycling is gaining traction in many sectors that conduct their business in densely populated urban areas. The number of successful applications of the electric cargo bike are vast and as a mode of transport cargo bikes have been proven to work effectively in a wide variety of contexts. Distribution hubs are finding their way closer to the city centers and from there the last mile to consumer is made using zero emission electric cargo bikes.

Post & parcel

Moving post & parcels from hubs directly to consumer? Explore our Cargo and Tender bikes or get in touch to discuss your business needs.

Service & facility

In cities many buildings and installations are serviced frequently. Our custom built bikes are available for those specific tasks. Let’s talk.


The rise of E-commerce has increased the need for close-meshed order fulfilment. Get in touch to learn how our bikes play a key role in urban areas.

SME retail

Contact us today if you are an SME specialty store and want to deliver products to your customers fast. Embrace the electric cargo bike.

Medical sector

Learn how medical services utilize the speed and efficiency of the electric cargo bike within the city.

The essential mind shift

City cycle logistics requires an open mindset and an ability to rethink business as usual. The ways of the past will not guarantee a successful business model for the future. The ever increasing environmental awareness creates a very different political landscape which, in turn, leads to new high level stimulus packages for alternate modes of transport. Fossil fuel within city limits will end someday and when that happens you will be prepared.

Frontrunners in the mobility transition

There are a lot of advantages to riding an Urban Arrow. And the Arrow is definitely better than a delivery van.

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