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A Decade of Cargo Bikes

Come celebrate with us!

Urban Arrow has been around for 10 years. And we’re not letting that occasion pass unmarked. Over the past decade Urban Arrow and its electric cargo bikes have expanded the market from a Dutch niche to a European playing field. It is thanks to you, our community and dealers, that Urban Arrow has been able to grow into what it is now: the strongest player in ‘smart urban mobility’. In order to mark that, Urban Arrow is going big with ‘A Decade of Cargo Bikes’: our birthday celebration where we are putting our products, dealers and community in the spotlight.

The Family Anniversary

The very first Urban Arrow, the Family, has become an icon and is still incredibly popular. We are celebrating that with a special edition. The Family Anniversary has been developed to mark our ten year anniversary, and references our very first model. A bare frame made of brushed aluminium with black elements and high-quality components make this Family our most advanced and comfortable cargo bike ever. There’s also an added bonus: our anniversary book is included with the Family Anniversary!

Drive Change /
A Decade of Cargo Bikes

As a tribute to our products and community of ‘owners & riders’ over the past decade, Urban Arrow has published a unique item: ‘Drive Change / A Decade of Cargo Bikes’ is our anniversary book, filled with stories and contents from, by and for our community and for those who are not yet directly part of it but are interested in ‘smart urban mobility’. In short, the book describes Urban Arrow’s past, present and future. A limited edition of 100 copies is available exclusively from our temporary webshop.

Urban Arrow’s success continues to grow.

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More to follow.

Our birthday celebrations have not yet come to an end. Check our social media channels and this page regularly for more ‘A Decade of Cargo Bikes’.

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