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Cargo XL

De Cargo XL delivers

Big Brother

This is the big brother of the Cargo L. With a front frame over 20 cm longer this bike generously increases the cargo space. The extra length of the Cargo XL platform also makes for a wider range of mountable boxes.

max speed
number of box options

Serious Volume

The Cargo XL loading capacity lies between 300 and 620 liter depending on the type of box you choose.

More boxes

The Cargo XL platform offers space for a wider variety of boxes than the Cargo L. Introducing the Sliderbox, excellently suited for transporting crates of goods and the Coolbox… you guessed it!

Inner city parking

Remember when finding a parking spot used to be a time consuming endeavor…? Well, it’s not anymore.

Cities are meant to be lived in, not for hundreds of Diesel buses to pass through.

Roel Mos – Tring Tring


Max total Weight


Bike weight


Max. front load


Bike Length


Bike Width


Bike Height


Max rider weight


Max speed


Still more to transport?

Sure, we got you. For the real heavy duty inner city transporters we developed the Tender. Like the Cargo model it comes in various sizes; huge, massive and ginormous…

Urban Arrow Tender 1500 Post & Parcel

Choose your country…

Urban Arrow Europe
Urban Arrow North America

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