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Tender 2500

The Tender will handle everything you throw at it

The Truck

The Tender 2500 is the solution for carrying all you can think of and more, while still being able to access the capillaries of the city. Who still needs a van?

Think outside the box

Anything’s possible with the Tender 2500. No need to think – or carry – inside the box.

The next level

With its platform size easily carrying up to two Europallets, the Tender 2500 really kick’s it up a notch.

Urban Arrow is the only brand that really responds well to the logistics market

Fabrice Marteaux – Triporteurs de l’Ouest


Max total Weight


Bike weight


Max. front load


Bike Length


Bike Width


Bike Height


Max rider weight


Max speed



Looking for something a slightly more discrete to get you around town? The Shorty is Urban Arrow’s most agile bike. It won a Eurobike award for “Best urban bike” in 2018. According to the jury the Shorty performs outstanding in the categories Functionality, Workmanship and Added Value. The jury states: “The perfect cargo bike for delivery services, with the insulated box being suitable for both hot and cold dishes.” So in short, the Shorty might just be the bike you are looking for.

Urban Arrow Shorty Cargo Line White with lockable hood

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