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Urban Arrow Connected – Outsmart the thief

Urban Arrow Connected

Outsmart the thief. And stay connected with your Urban Arrow.

Protect your bike
against theft

Make your Urban Arrow Connected with the GPS module and the Urban Arrow app. This way, you are protected against theft and always connected to your bike. Easily lock your bike digitally, track its location and, if it unfortunately does happen to you, you can report theft 24/7. The Urban Arrow app is available to download for iOS and Android. Get Connected now!

Assured of
optimal protection

Unlock the full potential of Urban Arrow Connected with the Connected bike insurance. Specially developed in cooperation with the largest bicycle insurance companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. With this insurance, you receive 24/7 roadside assistance, recovery service and premium benefits in addition to the standard features. Insurance companies that offer the Connected bike insurance are:

  • ANWB/Unigarant (NL)
  • Kingpolis (NL)
  • ENRA (NL+BE)

How Connected works

Urban Arrow Connected consists out of two parts. A built-in invisible Connected GPS+ module and the Urban Arrow app on your phone. The Connected GPS+ module gives your Urban Arrow the ability to connect to GPS, internet and Bluetooth, so you always know what’s going on with the Urban Arrow app.

The GPS+ module is available as a standard feature or can be optionally fitted by an Urban Arrow dealer near you. Ask your dealer about the possibilities and conditions.

A cargo bike
in your pocket

Urban Arrow Connected isn’t just theft protection. You also get access to a host of smart features*, including:

  • Digital bike lock (motion sensor)
  • Theft alert
  • Live location of your bike
  • Battery percentages
  • Range per assistance mode
  • Ride data and history
  • Service & support

Combined with the Connected bike insurance:

  • Report theft using the app
  • Notify the insurer’s investigation service
  • Recovery service by the insurer
  • 24/7 roadside assistance

Compatibility &

Urban Arrow Connected is included as standard feature or can be retrofitted in Urban Arrow Family and Shorty models from 2019 and younger, except the Urban Arrow Family Anniversary. The Urban Arrow Connected GPS+ module is available at all Urban Arrow dealers in the Netherlands and Belgium for € 399,- including 4 years of connectivity (data subscription) at no extra cost. After this period, connectivity is optionally extendable annually.

For more information and a test ride, please visit your local Urban Arrow dealer.

*Some features and services may vary by bike model and insurance company.