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Urban Arrow Shorty now reduced in price.

Fast and agile on the move with the Shorty.

Urban Arrow Shorty now permanently reduced in price

From now on, the Shorty Performance Essential is permanently reduced in price from €5499 to €4999. Go to the configurator to put together your ideal Shorty.

Dash through the city

The Shorty makes it easy to move around town, no matter what you use the bike for. Whether you’re out walking your dog in the park or heading to the market for your groceries. You’ll get there quickly, be hugely manoeuvrable and have a surprising amount of volume.

Average range
number of passengers

Versatility on wheels

The box is flexible to use: you can easily take your dog and belongings across town in it. The accessories for the bike make it easy to customise it to your liking. For example, the lockable hood transforms the Shorty into the ultimate courier bike.

Surprising high volume

Make no mistake about the bike’s smaller size, as the Shorty can carry quite a bit. With the extra floor in the box, you can transport stuff both hidden and in plain sight.

My Shorty is more than just my bike, it is my way of life. Together with my dog I cruise the city streets. We use it as a bike, a basket for Jerom and we’ve even used it as a picknick table.



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An investment in freedom

Meet the newest member of your tribe. One that takes you and your children wherever you want to go. No more worries about your busy schedule, kids needing to be places, fetching groceries or shopping trips. Zip through the city effortlessly, or enjoy a trip to the woods or the beach. One ride and you’ll be hooked!


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