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Tailored to your needs

Hit the road prepared with the widest choice of Urban Arrow accessories.


Reflector Cap Set (Front) - Family

Urban Arrow Family - Reflectors Front
15 incl. VAT

Reflector Cap Set (Rear) - Family

Reflector Cap Set - Rear - Urban Arrow Family
15 incl. VAT

Shoulder pads

Shoulder padding Urban Arrow Family
20 incl. VAT

Connected GPS+ module

399 incl. VAT

Floor mat

Urban Arrow Family floot mat
49 incl. VAT

C15 Child Seat Adapter Family

99 incl. VAT

Toploader Duffle Bag

240255 incl. VAT

Sideboard extenders (set of three)

Urban Arrow Tender Pick-up hight extender panels
575700 incl. VAT

Shorty Bracket

Urban Arrow Shorty Child Seat Adaptor.
119 incl. VAT

Lockable Hood Shorty

Lockable hood Urban Arrow Shorty
499 incl. VAT

Sun cover

Urban Arrow Family Suncover
219 incl. VAT

Rails for water bottle holder

Urban Arrow water bottle holder
15 incl. VAT