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We’ve got stories to tell

There are literally tens of thousands of stories to tell when it comes to our bikes. No wonder, because the people and businesses that use them are a diverse bunch from all over the world. Here you’ll find a selection of their stories. Some can be read, others can be heard, watched or followed.

01 August 2023 | News

The ins and outs about the new Bosch Smart System

Harmonic or power mode – but above all perfectly suited to you. The drive units on our cargo bikes, the Bosch eBike Systems (BES), offer a unique riding experience. We are very excited to tell you all about the 2023 model and the changes made to this new drive unit: BES3 versus BES2. Read more
Urban Arrow Family
15 June 2023 | News

Tips & tricks for test riding a cargo bike

A cargo bike isn’t something you buy every day, but you will use it all the time. Therefore, it’s a good idea to take a test ride first. We will provide you with some pointers and things for you to pay attention to during your test ride, so you can make the best possible decision. Read more
07 June 2023 | News

An Urban Arrow cargo bike: Lease or buy?

If you already have kids or you’re expecting children, and you’re considering buying or leasing an Urban Arrow Family, but you still don't know what exactly the differences are? We give you all the info you need! Read more
07 June 2023 | News

Our top 5 accessories for your Urban Arrow

Space for extra passengers, keep dry from the rain and never lose sight of your cargo bike again. These top-5 essential accessories complete your Urban Arrow Family electric cargo bike experience, allowing… Read more
07 March 2023 | Business

Delicious Jopen craft beer, delivered by cargo bike

The beers of Jopen – who doesn’t know them. Jopen, named after the large 112-litre barrels in which Haarlems beer used to be transported, is the largest independent craft beer brewer in… Read more
Urban Arrow cargo bikes for Crisp
31 December 2022 | Business

Crisp collaboration with Urban Arrow

At Urban Arrow we are thrilled to support app-only supermarket Crisp in Amsterdam. Our cargo bikes will be used to deliver delicious treats as part of a unique collaboration between Crisp and… Read more
Oxwash Urban Arrow Cargo bikes
28 December 2022 | Business

Dry cleaning delivery by cargo bike

Founded in Oxford, Oxwash operates an on-demand laundry service. By operating Urban Arrow electric cargo bikes, such as the Urban Arrow Cargo XL, Oxwash reduces 6700 kg of emissions per bike per… Read more
E5 Bakehouse Urban Arrow cargo bike
16 December 2022 | Business

Delivering freshly baked goods by bike

E5 Bakehouse is using Urban Arrow electric cargo bikes for dropping off delicious freshly baked goods across Hackney and Shoreditch. When making top quallity sourdough loafs and other pasteries it is important… Read more
Mischa Hoogeveen in Urban Arrow fabriek
08 December 2022 | Employees

Scaling the assembly of cargo bikes

The benefits of scaling assembly As Head of Assembly, Mischa Hoogeveen has witnessed an impressive transition at Urban Arrow. With the mission of making urban transport more sustainable, Urban Arrow has developed… Read more
Conway cargo bike Urban Arrow
01 December 2022 | Business

Cargo bike on construction site

Conway – a construction company based near London – uses electric cargo bikes on construction sites. A surprising combination that makes total sense when you give additional thought. By using electrics cargo… Read more
Urban Arrow Cargo L Lucy Vail Florestry
01 December 2022 | Business

How a London florist delivers fresh flowers by bike

Flowers – we all love them. Don’t we? Sustainably sourced ánd delivered flowers are even better. Cargo bikes are perfectly fitted for deliveries. Lucy Vail in London does just that. Lucy and… Read more
Cycle logistics package delivery
07 November 2022 | Business, News

Receive subsidies when purchasing cargo bikes for businesses

Your incentive to innovate. More and more businesses are opting for an electric cargo bike instead of a delivery van. And that’s no surprise. Globally we are seeing more and more cities… Read more
28 October 2022 | News

Bring on the winter!

Autumn’s in full swing And winter is fast approaching and so are improvised winter sports on your Urban Arrow! Although fun, please take extra good care when riding your Urban Arrow in… Read more
Tender Post and Parcel 800 proto renders
27 October 2022 | Business

Creating a new cargo bike box

At Eurobike ‘22 in Frankfurt we launched our new Post & Parcel 800 box. Needless to say, we were – and still are – buzzing about the functionality and design of the… Read more
Urban Arrow with Formula brakes
19 September 2022 | News

Urban Arrow and Formula partnership

Better brakes make businesses more successful. How do you connect mini-motocross and Urban Arrow cargo bikes? Here’s the story. Driven by innovation and a desire to decrease the total cost of ownership… Read more