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Bring on the winter!

Autumn’s in full swing

And winter is fast approaching and so are improvised winter sports on your Urban Arrow! Although fun, please take extra good care when riding your Urban Arrow in these conditions. We feel like it is time to freshen-up some bike knowledge (especially for those who don’t read manuals).

Cycling is possible in all weather conditions. Please be sure to show your bike some extra love and attention during winter.

Team Urban Arrow
Check your brakes

Always check your brakes are functioning before riding. Models with Rollerbrakes are slightly more susceptible to frozen brakes because they operate on a cable system as opposed to an oil-based hydraulic system.

Check your gearing system

If the gear cables are frozen stuck, trying to forcefully move them anyway does more harm than good. Your best course of action is to leave the gears on a medium setting before frost sets in. If you left them in a heavier setting and temperatures drop severely overnight… Sorry, but you might be stuck with this setting for as long as temperatures remain low.

Keep the belt drive extra clean

If your bike has a belt drive make sure to clean snow and ice from the belt and sprockets after each ride.

Other points of interest
  • When not riding, take out your battery and store it inside your house
  • If you have the possibility to park the bike inside, please do so
  • If not possible to park inside your Urban Arrow dealer can sell you an Urban Arrow bike parka as the next best thing
  • You can lower your saddle slightly for quicker response and more stability at standstill
  • When you lower the tire pressure to 2-2.5bar you will get more grip
Last but not least

For the darker days of the year make sure your front and rear lights are working properly. And remember that the headlight should illuminate the path in front of you, not blind oncoming traffic. 

All ready for winter?

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