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Finding your perfect Cargo-match 📦

The ultimate guide to pick your ideal business bike box, that suits your business.

In today’s eco-conscious market, businesses are increasingly turning to cargo bikes as a sustainable and efficient means of transport. Whether you’re a small business owner delivering artisan goods, a large corporation looking for greener logistics solutions, or anything in between, the right cargo bike can significantly impact your operations.

Dive into the world of business bike boxes with us! We’ll show you all different options and tell you their unique characteristics. Let’s go!


The Toploader is your go-to choice for swift and effortless transportation of goods around town. Its open design allows for easy placement and securing of various items, be it uniquely shaped objects or a stack of cardboard boxes. The Toploader stands out for its flexibility and adaptability to different hauling needs. Additionally, pairing it with the Duffelbag accessory ensures that your items remain concealed and protected from the elements, offering both privacy and weatherproofing.

Suitable for: Cargo L & XL

Unique characteristics: approachable, open & verstaile

Ideal for segments: hobbyists, handymen or couriers.


The Flightcase is ideal for transporting goods securely and safely. Made from a relatively lightweight material, it’s an accessible and user-friendly option for many cyclists. Its design features a flat lid that opens to a 90-degree angle, allowing for easy loading and unloading by your staff. Moreover, the sides and lid of the Flightcase are perfect for applying stickers, providing an excellent opportunity to display your brand message prominently.

Suitable for: Cargo L (350 litres) & XL (570 litres)

Unique characteristics: accessible, lightweight & lid opens to the side.

Ideal for segments: SMEs active in services or post & parcel logistics

Aluminum box

The elegantly designed Aluminum box is a true jack-of-all-trades. Its design seamlessly integrates with the bike, giving it a sleek appearance. Crafted from aluminum, this box is sturdy and resilient against rain. Additionally, it comes equipped with a lock, offering secure storage for packages or valuable items. With your company or brand name on stickers, you will drive your brand awareness upwards with every package you drop.

Suitable for: Cargo L (260 litres) & XL (570 litres)

Unique characteristics: robust, rounded design & good drainage

Ideal for segments: SMEs active in services or post & parcel logistics


The Craft box is unique in its kind, designed for employees doing technical specialist work. Thanks to its various drawers, it holds many fine tools that are easy to reach. With the Craft box you will set yourself apart from fellow technicians.

Suitable for: Cargo L (330 litres)

Unique characteristics: flat top, slides open to the front & has many drawers

Ideal for segments: electricians, carpenters & mechanics