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Last-mile food delivery solutions

Francesca’s realisation about food.

Francesca is Italian, with a background in city planning and urban development. She loves good food, as an Italian should. That undisguised passion for the city and the most delectable cheeses and freshest vegetables from outside that same city brought her to a realization a few years ago. Her love – and that of many others – for tasty local food was having an enormous impact on the environment.

Foodlogica Founder Francesca Close Up Picture
Foodlogica Co-founder Francesca Miazzo.

Last-mile food delivery solutions for businesses.

An impact that did not benefit the quality of life in the city. Together with her partner she started Foodlogica: a logistics company that offers a last mile solution for local hospitality, catering and e-commerce food companies. They deliver food throughout the city quickly and cleanly.

Founder Francesca among Foodlogica delivery fleet
Co-founder Francesca next to the Urban Arrow Tender in the Foodlogica fleet of vehicles.

Clean the last-mile of the food chain.

“Businesses and consumers have been working intensively to clean up their distribution chain in recent years. We are consciously opting for local and fresh products because it’s better for the environment. But the crazy thing about that is that it means more traffic is entering the city without us noticing. All those local producers and distributors are driving into the city separately with delivery vans.”

Francesca thought that didn’t make sense, so she set out to find a greener, cleaner alternative. “Foodlogica now takes care of those last kilometres in the city. Without thereby polluting the city, because all our vehicles are 100% electric. That means we’re responsible for a massive reduction in the carbon emissions in the city.” Francesca was already using cargo bikes when Foodlogica started as a pilot project in 2014. Since 2019, a large proportion of Francesca’s electric fleet has consisted of cargo bikes from Urban Arrow.

Deliver more products more quickly and more cleanly in the city.

Urban Arrow last-mile solutions

“We use various vehicles, including the Cargo XLs and Tenders from Urban Arrow. They are sturdy and maneuverable, and allow us to deliver more products more quickly and more cleanly in the city than any other logistics partner in the food sector.” When you transport food, you need to comply with a host of strict laws and regulations relating to food safety. Foodlogica complies with all those rules, and deliver chilled and even frozen food to its customers.

“We are constantly in discussion with Urban Arrow about improving the bikes, the boxes and the cooling systems required for our business. They are a very strong and reliable partner for us in that.” 

The Urban Arrow Tender is my favourite.
It’s so cleverly designed. It is by far the best vehicle for covering those last kilometres in the city.

Foodlogica operates in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Italy, and is heading for Milan and Paris. The new Urban Arrows have already been ordered. To ensure that those final kilometers in the city are covered as greenly as possible, Foodlogica is working hard to charge all its vehicles with solar power. “Clean the last mile of the food chain. That’s our mission.”

Foodlogica business partners standing strong together
Foodlogica co-founders Francesca and Jessica.

Delivering goods by cargo bike?

Amsterdam-based Urban Arrow is the global market leader in electric cargo bikes. The international dealer network includes more than 600 stores, and continues to grow unabated. Large and small businesses across the world are keen to use Urban Arrow’s silent and clean electric mobility products. The consistent high quality build and the superior riding experience are key drivers businesses. What moves you and what do you deliver? Get in touch and to discuss how Urban Arrow can solve your city logistics challenge.