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Our service partner network for your fleet

Electric cargo bikes offer a perfect solution in encroaching zero-emission zones and busy inner cities. Urban Arrow cargo bikes contribute to a well-oiled logistics machine, especially in ‘last mile’ deliveries. To keep your fleet in shape, Urban Arrow has agreements with certified and trained maintenance companies. This of course in addition to our extensive dealer network that you can of course always turn to. Whether your business cargo bike needs service in Amsterdam, London, Paris or Berlin, thanks to our service partners you will be back on the road in no time. We work together with Zoomo, Get Bike Service, Yeply, Fettle and FietsNED.

Our service network extends – alongside our dealers, of course – with the collaborations with Zoomo, Get Bike Service, Yeply, Fettle, and FietsNED, all over Western Europe. This is not for nothing. More and more companies in logistics, large and small, rely on cargo bikes from Urban Arrow for the delivery of their products or postal packages. Well-known examples in the Netherlands are DHL Express and Coolblue, true pioneers in including business cargo bikes in their fleets.

Urban Arrow service partners logos

Rise of the cargo bike

More and more SMEs are embracing the electric cargo bike in recent years. Indeed, all over the western world, bicycles are making inroads in the city. More and more city councils are taking measures aimed at reducing car traffic in the city centre to combat environmental pollution and traffic jams. In the Netherlands, several dozen municipalities will establish emission-free zones from 2025, in addition to the already existing environmental zones.

Tolls for motorists have also existed for some time in London, Stockholm and Milan. And the list of cities where the car is slowly but surely ceding its place to cyclists and pedestrians is growing: Berlin, Glasgow, Paris, Birmingham, Oslo, Barcelona, Ghent. Logistics by cargo bike is a logical choice in more and more places!

Cargo bikes in your fleet

Large companies and SMEs, meanwhile, are working to reduce CO2 emissions. Because they want to do business sustainably – and because their customers demand it – they look at their direct and indirect emissions. Compared to electric delivery vans, a cargo bike fits nicely into the sustainability picture: on the road, CO2 emissions are zero and electricity consumption is also much lower.

In terms of cost and energy use, cargo bikes are very efficient. Replacing buses with cargo bikes is therefore a real option. Especially if you factor in that a cargo bike moves through town toll-free and does not involve parking costs, for instance. With a cargo bike, you can save up to 60 per cent on the last mile. Not surprisingly, the cargo bike is high on the agenda of a growing group of managers in logistics and sustainability.

Freight bikes in your fleet

Fleet management and proper vehicle maintenance belong together. For smooth logistics, reliable technology is a must. Hundreds of companies around the world have been using cargo bikes from Urban Arrow every day for 12 years. The reliability of Urban Arrow cargo bikes is praised. Periodic maintenance is always advisable and yet sometimes things can go wrong. Not every road surface is free of potholes or other bumps, and some riders have a completely unique driving style. Be it a car, van or bicycle. Through good and regular maintenance, you ensure maximum safety for the rider and a cargo bike you can continue to rely on and that is optimally usable. Allowing you to concentrate on business.

The advantages of the Urban Arrow service partner network

We know that the uptime of your fleet is paramount. That is why we have built Europe a network of bicycle maintenance partners. Thanks to our service partners, maintenance is easily arranged and your cargo bike will be back on the road in no time even in case of a breakdown. The mechanics of these cooperation partners are expert and experienced, and know Urban Arrow cargo bikes down to the last detail. They also have quick access to replacement parts. They order these easily via our internet portal. Our service partners are Yeply, Get Bike Service, Fettle, Zoomo and Fietsned.


Do you see the potential of cargo bikes as a flexible, cost-efficient and sustainable link in your fleet? Then get in touch with our team. Together we will look at which Urban Arrow suits your business. Our advice will take you further in logistics.