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Painters on electric cargo bikes

There are more than 15,000 painting companies in the Netherlands. We all know the many vans driving through the city or parked on the sidewalk. Painting companies are characterized by their local orientation. Painting companies work short on distances, work locally and take limited resources with them. Should that be transported in vans?

Joost Bakker Schilderwerken shows the way

In The Hague, Joost Bakker Schilderwerken – a painting business – shows how it can be done differently. As a family business, Joost Bakker Schilderwerken has added the Urban Arrow electric cargo bikes to their fleet. This enables them to park effortlessly on the sidewalk and zip past the vans that are stuck in traffic. A smart investment in the future of their company. Discover their story.

SMEs increasingly know how to deal smartly with inner-city logistics challenges. An Urban Arrow electric cargo bike is a logical choice and investment in the future. Especially seen in the light of the introduction of ultra-low emission zones (ULEZ) or various zero-emission zones that are being introduced in various Dutch cities from January 1st 2025 onwards.

Business cargo bike for your company

Have you been inspired? Then meet us, come test drive our fleet of bikes or find your nearest and certified Urban Arrow dealer around your corner.