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Discover more about the drive unit changes for our Family models

Harmonic or power mode – but above all perfectly suited to you. The drive units on our cargo bikes, the Bosch eBike Systems (BES), offer a unique riding experience. We are very excited to tell you all about the changes made to this new drive unit: BES3 versus BES2 and to which Family models these changes apply.

At this moment the Urban Arrow Family Active Line Plus, Performance Essential, Performance Plus and Cargo Line models will be equipped with the new Bosch BES3 system. The introduction of mid-drive motors with this new Bosch Smart System offers improved cycling performance and more smart possibilities. The new system allows you to easily install firmware updates with your phone, enhances your performance thanks to the new functions on the smart display, and protects your bike against theft using the E-Bike Lock, to name just a few examples.

Here are some of the key differences:

What changed on our Urban Arrow models?

Active Line Plus Now available with BES3 system.
Our entry-level model, the Active Line Plus, remains unchanged and will not be equipped with the BES3 system. The Active Line Plus still comes with the BES2 motor and Purion display. This allows you to enjoy a fully electric premium cargo bike at entry-level prices. Looking for added power, comprehensive displays or more cool features? Then go for one of our more advanced models, equipped with the BES3 system.

Performance Essential Now available with BES3 system.
Equipped with the new BES3 system, this model offers a number of significant upgrades! It improves the torque on the mid-drive from 65 to 75 Nm, offering better support and an even more comfortable ride. The Performance Essential also comes equipped with the new LED-Remote Display. This compact display, with ergonomic L-shape, gives you all the essential settings and your hands don’t even need to leave the steering. This version is compatible with the latest functionality for the new E-bike Flow App.

Performance Plus and Cargo Line Now available with BES3 system.
The Performance Plus, which will be equipped with the same motor as the Performance Essential, also has better torque, boosted from 65 to 75 Nm. The Cargo Line will be equipped with a 85Nm torque. In contrast to the Essential, aside from the thumb-control feature on the LED control, the Plus and Cargo Line are also equipped with the new Kiox 300 Display. This display offers on-display navigation options and a high-level distance and fitness data. With graphical comparisons, of power and cadence as well as fitness data in, for example, Apple Health. The display options can also be fully configured in the new Flow App and the screen provides informative help with assist modes. The ultimate way to get the most out of your cargo bike! 

A new option is to use the SmartphoneGrip on the display holder instead of your Kiox 300. This turns your smartphone into a large screen with advanced options.

Anniversary Currently available with BES2 system only.

General updates

More power
The battery capacity in the Bosch E-System 3 has been increased from 500 to 545 kWh on all Urban Arrow Family models (with the exception of the Active Line Plus).

The eBike Flow App
Connect with your bike using the eBike Flow App so you can store your favourite settings easily. This allows you to control all settings in the smart system, which connects the drive unit, the battery, the display and the control unit.

The eBike Lock
Included in the smart system offers added protection against theft, giving you more security. Lock your bike, by simply walking away. Your smartphone serves as a digital key which deactivates the motor. Using audio notification and display icons, the system tells you if the eBike Lock is active. Simple as that!

Hill Hold
The new Hill Hold feature complements the Walk Assist mode. When you walk uphill, this setting makes sure your bike can’t roll backwards.

Self-managed updates and drive modes 
In the new E-Bike Flow App you can adjust the drive modes on all connected smart system motors individually and according to your preferences. For example, you can determine the maximum torque and speed for each mode. So you have your riding experience entirely into your own hands. Furthermore, the app also enables wireless updates on the drive unit, sent via Bluetooth. So you are always guaranteed the latest features and software.