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The hospitality industry on the electric cargo bike

Electric cargo bikes for businesses are becoming increasingly normal. In almost all industries, SMEs know how to find their way to more sustainable and faster urban transport. So does the hospitality industry. Find out how a unique hotel concept in Amsterdam Urban Arrow uses cargo bikes daily in their operations.

Can you briefly describe what SWEETS Hotel is and does?

SWEETS hotel is a unique hotel spread across Amsterdam in 28 different
bridge keeper’s houses. Each bridge keeper’s house has been transformed into a self-contained hotel suite along Amsterdam’s canals that can accommodate up to 2 guests.

In 2012, the initiators of SWEETS hotel presented a plan to the municipality of
Amsterdam to transform the city’s bridge houses into small hotel suites. The vision:
introduce travellers to new neighbourhoods and unexpected experiences in the city.
In summer 2013, SWEETS was presented at Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam
(ARCAM) as part of an acclaimed exhibition alongside a popular
architecture guide.

How do you deploy electric cargo bikes within your company?

Our electric cargo bikes are used every day by our housekeeping team. The day starts from our storage there they load the cargo bikes with clean linen, cleaning supplies and towels. From storage, the team comes to our office located in inside our sister hotel Hotel The exchange. At the office, the team picks up the remaining cleaning supplies, the handwritten welcome cards for our guests, the daily schedule, any extras that guests can order and their lunch.

Then the work begins for the team. From the office, they cycle around Amsterdam and get to work finishing all the bridge keeper houses to make them ready for the new guests. During the day, clean linen and towels are placed in the bridge keeper houses. The dirty linen and rubbish from the cottages is taken in the cargo bike and returned to storage.

What are your experiences with the Urban Arrow Cargo and Tender?

The bike’s manoeuvrability and mobility make it great for how much you can carry. I enjoy the help with shifting when going uphill, it makes for an easy and convenient ride to your destination.

Another colleague particularly appreciates its speed and agility. It has enough cargo space that you can use it all day long can do.

Can you recommend other companies in the hotel and leisure industry to use electric cargo bikes?

Electric cargo bikes are definitely recommended where needed. For us at SWEETS with our unique hotel concept, it fits perfectly. I can also imagine that it also fits well with other companies in the leisure industry such as holiday parks like Center Parcs, Landal, Roompot or, for example, De Krim on Texel or Hof van Saksen in Drenthe.