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Cargo FAQ’s

On this page you will find maintenance tips, FAQ’s and other documentation about the Urban Arrow Cargo L & XL.

Frequently asked questions about the Cargo L & XL


What sort of payload can I carry on a Cargo L or XL?

The Urban Arrow Cargo L and XL both have a max. front load capacity of 125kg. The maximum total weight (bike + box + rider + load) that is allowed on the Cargo L and XL models is 250kg. The bike itself weighs 46kg. Add to that your own weight and depending on the weight of the box you choose you’ll be able to determine how heavy a payload you can bring on the bike. The main difference between the L and XL models is that you can haul larger volumes with the XL.

Which box set-up is best for my business?

This largely depends on the requirements that your business has for size, volume and weight of the payload and whether or not the payload can be exposed to the elements. Some boxes are ideally suited for specific purposes, like the coolbox. Others are designed for maximum flexibility in use. And then there is the aesthetic factor to consider. Most of the boxes can be fully branded with your identity, inherently increasing your visibility in your area of operations.

What are the differences between the various motor set-ups?

The Cargo L and XL both come in three varieties that are based on a combination of motor- and gear hub type. Each motor type has its own torque specifications (ranging from 65 – 85Nm). If so desired you can also opt for the industry leading Rohloff gear hub which is always combined with the Cargo Line motor. Other specifications change according to your choice of motor type. Components to look for are: Battery Type, Display Type, Brake Type, Drivetrain, Headlight.

What is the range of my Cargo on a fully charged battery?

This depends a lot on the riding conditions. Conditions like which motor support setting you use, the terrain and weather conditions in which you ride and how much you are transporting. In general we believe you ought to be able to squeeze out an average range of 40km per battery charge. For heavy use cases it is possible to install a DualBattery kit, effectively doubling your range.

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