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Tender FAQ’s

On this page you will find maintenance tips, FAQ’s and other documentation about the Urban Arrow Tender.

Frequently asked questions about the Tender


What are the differences between the various Tender models?

In this category size does matter. The Tender 1000 has the most “modest” platform size of the range. With a length of 142cm and a width of 95cm you will fit through most of the city’s bike lanes. The 1500 and 2500 are both a bit wider and longer. Most of the build-ups that are available for the 1000 are also available for the 1500.

Do I need a driver’s license for this bike?

No you don’t. And trust us, a Tender handles much easier than it looks.

What is the maximum payload I can transport with a Tender?

The Urban Arrow Tender has a max front load capacity of 300kg. The maximum total weight (bike + box + rider + payload) that is allowed for the Tender is 600kg. From that 600 you deduct the bike-, box- and rider weight and you’ll be able to determine how many kg’s of payload you can carry on the bike. The bike itself weighs from 90kg for a Tender 1000 to 110kg for a Tender 2500.

Can I design my own build on top of the Tender platform?

Most definitely! We’ve seen all sorts of incredibly creative build-ups on this platform. You can make the Tender ideally suited for your business. What you need to keep in mind is that the bike has a maximum total weight of 600kg. Deduct the weight of the bike and rider from that total and then you’ll know what you can build on top of the platform. Happy building!

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