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We’ve got stories to tell

There are literally tens of thousands of stories to tell when it comes to our bikes. No wonder, because the people and businesses that use them are a diverse bunch from all over the world. Here you’ll find a selection of their stories. Some can be read, others can be heard, watched or followed.

Urban Arrow Family 2023
OLVG nurse on Urban Arrow Cargo bike
15 June 2022 | News

Electric cargo bikes in healthcare

The medical industry is on the move. In recent years, innovations in the e-cargo bike industry have resulted in a different, future-oriented perspective on logistics. Cargo bikes are proving to be valuable…
Urban Arrow in London streets
01 June 2022 | Business

Urban Arrow x Absolutely

Absolutely better than a van. Absolutely courier ride Urban Arrow cargo bikes. The cargo bike: an environmentally-friendly success for Absolutely in London. Learn about the benefits of using a cargo bike in…
06 May 2022 | Business

Urban Arrow x Heid Löper

Smart delivery people ride an e-cargo bike. Heid Löper combines delivery streams in Lüneburg. Various delivery people were making deliveries around Lüneburg in Germany every day. One brought the post, the other…
25 April 2022 | Business, News

The Urban Arrow and DOCKR partnership

An electric cargo bike subscription How Urban Arrow and DOCKR serve the business market. The market for the business use of electric vehicles has been an absolute growth market in recent years.…
Gemeente medewerkers gebruiken elektrische bakfiets voor groendienst
15 March 2022 | Business

Municipality of Poperinge

“By 2030 we want to have reduced our carbon emissions by 40%, and we are doing that by setting up various energy and climate projects.” One of those projects is aimed at more sustainable mobility within the town. The quest for a green alternative for the council’s service vehicles was thereby high on the agenda.
04 March 2022 | Employees


The story behind the Urban Arrow Family design. Wytze van Mansum is the brain behind the design of the Urban Arrow. The first time he saw his creation in the wild he…
17 February 2022 | Dealers


“Come on over,” said Marcus Mücke when Urban Arrow called him to ask if they could swing by his shop, Bikestation Köln, to show off their Family. The overall concept convinced him…
03 February 2022 | Dealers


“I’ve been very lucky.” Over six years ago, when Bart Cocquyt asked Urban Arrow to look at the plans for his store, he could only hope. Hope that he could start selling…
20 January 2022 |


“This is groundbreaking.” That’s just one of the thoughts which came to mind for Thierry, owner of Bovélo in Nantes, France, during his first encounter with an Urban Arrow. And as an…
13 January 2022 | Business


Joris Keijzer and his wife Marleen (yes, she cooks!) started a meal service for people who want to eat well, but don’t want to cook. MarleenKookt became Urban Arrow’s very first business…
06 January 2022 | Employees

Mischa Hoogeveen

Mischa Hoogeveen is Head of Assembly at Urban Arrow. He was immediately convinced after his first lap on the bike. His purpose? Giving you the same experience. He does this with his…
30 December 2021 | Dealers

Busybike Nijmegen

“When I first saw an Urban Arrow, I knew it was the bike for me. It was both love at first sight, and the start of my business. What started as an…
03 November 2021 | Business

Tring Tring

“Tring Tring, can I get past please?” You may find a friendly rider from the Tring Tring delivery company shouting this at you in Amsterdam, Haarlem or Utrecht. Tring Tring operates a…
03 November 2021 | Business


“Using an Urban Arrow generates brand awareness.” Pizza, pasta and salads: L’Osteria in Oldenburg delivers them with an Urban Arrow Shorty – two, in fact. The residents of Oldenburg see the two…
03 November 2021 | Business

Biking Doctors

“Bikes are the the future of healthcare.” GP Joep Terhaar of Biking Doctors rides his Urban Arrow Craft through the centre of The Hague. Cycling from patient to patient, he delivers the…