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Keep your Urban Arrow Connected. Connect the GPS+ module to the new Urban Arrow app. This protects you against thieves and means you are always connected to your bike. Get Connected!

Stay Connected

The new Urban Arrow app allows you to easily lock your bike, track the location of your bike and, in the event of theft, submit a report 24/7. The app is available to download for iOS and Android.

Connected is available for Urban Arrow Family and Shorty models from 2019 onwards. These bikes can also be retrofitted with Connected.

Urban Arrow Connected gifted with purchase

Don’t miss this offer!

Buy a new Urban Arrow Family (Performance Essential or Cargo Line) and get €399 worth of Connected for free! this offer is only available in Belgium.

Make sure to be on time because there are only a limited number of models available for this promotion. Ask your dealer for more information about the campaign.


See in real time the battery status of your bike, the GPS+ module and the range for each support mode, the location of your bike, as well as insight into your cycling history.

Recovery & Roadside assistance

More and more insurers are requiring a GPS-tracker on Urban Arrow bikes. With our GPS+ module and a Connected bike insurance policy from ENRA (Netherlands and Belgium), Kingpolis (Netherlands) or ANWB/Unigarant (Netherlands), you’re in the right place. So you will also receive many extras, including a recovery service and 24/7 roadside assistance.

Please note: you still need to take out a separate insurance policy to be insured for the recall service and breakdown assistance. The offer of Connected insurance may vary by country. Contact your insurer for more information.

Under the hood

The Connected GPS+ module, like your phone, has Bluetooth, GPS and a SIM card. Your bike is therefore connected to the internet and your Urban Arrow app. Connectivity can be extended after the first four years as an option.

Get Connected!

Now available for €399 (Netherlands and Belgium). This includes the GPS+ module and four years of connectivity. Connectivity can be extended, as an option, after the first four years.

Visit your dealer and ask for Urban Arrow Connected.

*Connected is only available in the Netherlands and Belgium. The Urban Arrow App is currently only available in English and Dutch interface languages

Stay up to date

Do you live outside the Netherlands or Belgium? Then Urban Arrow Connected is not available for you at this point in time. Sign up here to be notified as soon as Urban Arrow Connected becomes available in your region.

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