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How to assure your Urban Arrow is theft-proof

Everything you need to know about theft prevention! Discover the best tips and tricks to make your beloved cargo bike theft-proof. Think about buying a good lock, personalising your bike and installing a GPS tracker. All so you can enjoy your cycling adventures worry-free!

Every thief’s nightmare: the unbreakable lock

There are different types of chain locks from different providers, but the most important thing is a high ART certification. An ART lock can be recognised by the ART logo with the number of stars visible on the lock through a sticker or print. The more ART stars, the more resistant the lock is to theft. In most cases, you can only get compensation for theft if you have an approved lock. Your bike insurer will indicate the minimum number of ART stars your chain lock should have, so keep this in mind.

When you park your bike, put your lock through both the frame and the rear wheel and attach your bike to a large fixed object, for example a lamppost or sturdy bike rack. This way, you can leave your cargo bike in peace of mind. 


A smart and fun way to protect your bike from theft is to personalise your bike. For instance, you can have the EPP box stickered, have the frame painted or buy original accessories that make your bike stand out. Besides being beautiful, personalisation also offers the practical benefits of reducing susceptibility to theft and, of course, quickly recognising your bike in crowded places like the school playground. 

Urban Arrow Connected Plus

A GPS-tracker in your bike

Theft can be covered by the insurance company, but in most cases the company requires your cargo bike to include a GPS tracker. With Urban Arrow Connected, your bike is never out of sight again and secured against theft. You easily connect your Urban Arrow via GPS, internet and bluetooth with the Urban Arrow app. This way you always have the live location of your cargo bike.

Urban Arrow Connected

Our Family Active Plus and Performance Essential models now come with an integrated GPS tracker. For most of our other Family bikes, you can choose for the regular Connected GPS-module. With an invisible built-in GPS-module and access to the Urban Arrow App, you are always connected to your bike. You also have the option of taking out insurance with the largest bicycle insurers in the Netherlands and Belgium. With this insurance, in addition to the standard features, you also receive 24/7 roadside assistance, recovery service and premium benefits.

With the tips above, you can hit the road with a safe feeling. Don’t have an Urban Arrow yet? And have you become enthusiastic about the possibilities of securing your future bike? Read more about Connected and the different models that are compatible here.