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Urban Arrow x Wildride: endless adventurous with your little one❤️

What better way to create memories with your loved ones than by exploring new places or revisiting favourite spots. With your Urban Arrow bike and Wildride carrier you are ready to go, by easily switching your little ones from the bike into the Wildride carrier to explore new places by foot. We love to share our favorite (and toddler proof) activities for a family day out.

First things first: coffee. Park your Urban Arrow at a coffee spot and swing your toddler in the Wildride carrier. Grab a coffee at your local coffee spot and maybe a babycchino for the little one 😉 Don’t forget to enjoy some croissants and pastries! Now you’re good to go and ready for some family adventures. Step on your Urban Arrow Family bike with your toddler and secure the little one with the small belts. Don’t forget to do some little sightseeing; in your Urban Arrow every ride becomes an adventure.

Name a better place to visit with your toddler than the zoo! There are many fantastic zoos to explore in our country, such as Artis, Ouwehands Dierenpark, or the Apenheul in Amersfoort, where you can search for all kind of monkeys. Did you know that the zoo is a great hands-on learning experience for toddlers? They can truly see and interact with animals from various parts of the world. Is your toddler getting tired from all the exciting new experiences? We got you covered: with the Wildride carrier you easily stroll through the park with your child comfortably and safely close by. Let’s go back to the Urban Arrow bike!

Secure your little one comfortably on the bench. On the way back, make sure to take a detour through the park to enjoy nature and take a small stop at the playground. Visit for instance the Vondelpark, the Kralingse Bos or the Westbroekpark in The Hague.  Your toddler can stroll around and make new friends, while you are enjoying the weather on a bench. Did you know that the Urban Arrow Family is known for its spacious box? So you can easily take all picnic equipment with you for a delicious summer lunch!

Time to go back home: carrying your loved one in the Wildride carrier back to your Urban Arrow bike. Enjoy the ride back and get ready for endless adventures!